Andante andante

Andante andante
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1. Take it [F] easy [C] with me, [F] please
[C] Touch me [F] gently like a [C] summer evening [F] breeze
Take your [Bb] time, make it [F] slow
Andante, An- [Bb] dante just [C] let the feeling [F] grow [C7]
Make your [F] fingers [C] soft and [F] light
[C] Let your [F] body be the [C] velvet of the [F] night
Touch my [Bb] soul, you know [F] how
Andante, An- [Bb] dante go [C] slowly with me [F] now
Chorus: I'm your [Bb] music
(I am your music and [F] I am your song)
I'm [Bb] your song
(I am your music and I am your song)
Play me [Eb] time and time a-[F] gain and make me [Bb] strong
(Play me again 'cause you're making me strong)
Make me [Eb] sing, make me [Bb] sound
(You make me sing and you make me)
Andante, An- [Eb] dante
Tread [F] lightly on my [Bb] ground
Andante, An- [Eb] dante
Oh [F] please don't let me [Bb] down
2. There's a [F] shimmer [C] in your [F] eyes
[C] Like the [F] feeling of a [C] thousand butter-[F] flies
Please don't [Bb] talk, go on, [F] play
Andante, An- [Bb] dante and [C] let me float a-[F] way

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