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Chorus: [C#m] Jolene, [E] Jolene, [B] Jolene, [C#m] Jolene
I'm [B] begging of you please don't take my [C#m] man
[C#m] Jolene, [E] Jolene, [B] Jolene, [C#m] Jolene
[B] Please don`t take him [Abm] just because you [C#m] can
1. Your [C#m] beauty is be-[E] yond compare
With [B] flaming locks of au-[C#m] burn hair
With [B] ivory skin and [Ab] eyes of emerald [C#m] green
Your [C#m] smile is like a [E] breath of spring
Your [B] voice is soft like [C#m] summer rain
And I [B] cannot com-[Abm] pete with you, [C#m] Jolene
2. He [C#m] talks about you [E] in his sleep
There`s [B] nothing i can [C#m] do to keep
From [B] crying when he [Abm] calls your name, [C#m] Jolene
And [C#m] I can easily [E] understand 
How [B] you could easily [C#m] take my man
But [B] you don`t know [Abm] what he means to me, [C#m] Jolene
3. You [C#m] could have your [E] choice of men
But [B] I could never [C#m] love again
He`s [B] the only [Abm] one for me, [C#m] Jolene
I [C#m] had to have this [E] talk with you 
My [B] happiness de-[C#m] pends on you
What [B] ever you de-[Abm] cide to do, [C#m] Jolene

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